Friday, April 03, 2020
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YSS All New Gold Series YSS proudly presents the All New Gold Series Suspension, incorporating high performance technologies with a refreshed classy style.

The flashy gold colour (Dazzling Gold), together with the Classic Matte Black Spring and the high-technology Gas Shock Absorber ensures perfect impact absorption, great stability and handling, while keeping you in the spotlight wherever you go.
YSS black series Mitra 2000 presents YSS BLACK SERIES, New G-SPORT Series with special Black metallic coated colour presentation. Designed to perfectly absorb impact using nitrogen gas in the bladder system in attached tube.

Equipped with Progressive spring, Rebound Adjuster and Spring Pre-Load to adjust spring hardness level. Available Heavy Duty spring for Forza, X-MAX, N-MAX and PCX.
YSS RED SERIES Special Promo YSS G-SPORT Red Series Forza & X-MAX Special Price Rp.5,5jt nett
YSS G-SPORT Red Series N-MAX, AEROX & PCX Special Price Rp.4,5jt nett

Setiap pembelian YSS Red Series mendapatkan 1 buah Topi TDR dan kaos YSS selama bulan Februari 2019

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TDR High Performance Motorcycle Solutions

Countdown 18th Asian Games on August 18th, 2018. Mitra2000 gives complete solutions for 18 motorcycle type,  supported by TDR YSS COMET KOSO VROOAM

ApiTech ECU AEROX / NVX 155 able to do fuel injection, ignition and switch mode controllable that can be adjusted as engine needs to get maximum performance.

Reset settings using this ECU are very recommended for any combustion upgrade to get maximum result.
ApiTech ECU AEROX / NVX 155 dapat memprogram ulang kinerja injeksi seperti pasokan debit bahan bakar, udara dan kurva pengapian yang dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan mesin sehingga performa yang dihasilkan lebih maksimal.

Jika telah melakukan upgrade pada bagian yang berhubungan dengan pembakaran, pengaturan ulang menggunakan ECU ini sangat disarankan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang lebih maksimal.

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